High School 

The Kinkaid School

Beyond simple websites and Minecraft mods in middle school, I started programming my Sophomore year of high school. The first semester I took a class in which we wrote various tools and created art with Processing, which was incredibly helpful and certainly one of my favorite classes. In the second semester of that year, I took a server-sided web design class which was incredibly useful and taught me a lot about both front and backend development. Programming became a serious interest of mine after that year, so I took AP Computer Science during my Junior year. Through that class, I became incredibly proficient with Java. This was the year I learned the most: creating data structures, sorting algorithms, and perhaps most importantly I learned how to work with others on a larger codebase using Git and Github. For my final year of high school, I took College-Level Computer Science. This class focused on using Python and the further introduction of more advanced concepts. I became very proficient in Python, creating more advanced data structures and utilizing various well-known algorithms to accomplish tasks. 

1st Semester: Processing

2nd Semester: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL