James Adkins' Portfolio

High School - The Kinkaid School

Beyond simple websites and Minecraft mods in middle school, I started programming my Sophomore year of high school. The first semester I took a class in which we wrote various tools and created art with Processing, which was incredibly helpful and certainly one of my favorite classes. In the second semester of that year, I took a server-sided web design class which was incredibly useful and taught me a lot about both front and backend development. Programming became a serious interest of mine after that year, so I took AP Computer Science during my Junior year. Through that class, I became incredibly proficient with Java. This was the year I learned the most: creating data structures, sorting algorithms, and perhaps most importantly I learned how to work with others on a larger codebase using Git and Github. For my final year of high school, I took College-Level Computer Science. This class focused on using Python and the further introduction of more advanced concepts. I became very proficient in Python, creating more advanced data structures and utilizing various well-known algorithms to accomplish tasks. 

College - Trinity University

At the time of writing this, I have completed two years of university. Trinity puts a heavy focus on learning Scala for the early computer science classes. So far, in Principles of Computer Science I and II, we have dived deep into the inner workings of Scala in order to better understand how it works, and we have worked on countless small projects that were very similar to the projects I did in high school.

Now I am halfway through my fourth semester, and things have certainly ramped up. I learned a lot in Data Abstraction and Functional Languages, where I used C++ and Haskell. In Computer Design I studied the structure of processors and compilers, writing assembly code and C. In Software Engineering, where I was in a group with 7 other students working on a web app for the whole semester. We chose to use Node.js with MongoDB for our app.

Digital Product Intern - NOV

At NOV, I learned a lot about working in a corporate environment as well as working in a professional team. I worked in a main product team on QA, and separately with one other intern. I created multiple POC pieces of code for data analysis based on specific client requests; for example, I created a script that used their REST API to get data and use the data to create a table of average connection times by job, well, or month, as well as sorting by drilling section (lateral or tangent). 

My main project was creating a full-scale web app using multiple REST APIs that is now used to monitor and validate various aspects of jobs and devices on-site. The main features included message-bus config validation, validating data existed, validating that the data made sense contextually, and much much more.